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The 1903 English Team

RACE FACTS: THE TEAMS THE 1903 Gordon Bennett Cup race brought to Ireland the world’s fastest road vehicles and 12 of the greatest daredevil drivers of their day.

THE ENGLISH victory of 1902 ensured the staging of the 1903 Irish event. It was not to be English team leader Selwyn F. Edge’s day however crossing the line in fifth place in his Napier car only to be eventually disqualified for receiving a push at a fuel stop. English teammates J.W. Stocks and Charles Jarrott failed to complete the course.

When the English racing cars arrived in Ireland, they were easily recognisable from their bright green colour and low build. The chief feature in their mechanical construction with regard to speed is that while the maximum speed attainable is limited to in or about eighty miles an hour, the mechanical arrangement is such as to render the cars very quick in starting and stopping. By means of a special clutch they can be started on their top speed, so that there is no loss of time in changing gear. By this quick starting and stopping arrangement the English team will have a great advantage in coming to a stop at the control stations, and being able to leave the stations at top speed. The cars have also the advantage of being able to go over the whole course without change of gear.













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